> Pizza recipe uses slow cooker to get hot and crispy crust

Pizza recipe uses slow cooker to get hot and crispy crust


Not everything made in your slow cooker needs to be a stew, soup or meat. Surprisingly, your slow cooker is a lot more versatile than you think. While slow cookers fittingly have a reputation for taking an insanely long time to cook meat, they can get the job done quickly if you need them to, depending on what you’re making.

Case in point, this seriously awesome pizza recipe from Sara of Average Betty. Using store-bought dough and a little bit of TLC, she created a crispy, crunchy pizza crust in only a fraction of the time it usually takes a slow cooker to make dinner!

Sara uses just ordinary store-bought pizza dough here. Though you could make your own, the whole point of the recipe is to make things quick and easy. A good store-bought dough should do the trick here just fine. 

Crafting a makeshift sling from a couple strips of parchment paper makes things easier down the road when it comes time to lift the pizza out of the slow cooker. This is an essential tip from Sara in the preparation process!

After sprinkling a bit of cornmeal or flour on the bottom of the slow cooker, press your dough into the bottom of the pot. You might need to trim a little bit of dough off, but make sure to still leave enough to form the crust along the walls of the cooker.

Next add your sauce. Spread on a store-bought tomato sauce, make your own or even substitute a barbecue sauce to switch things up a bit!

Sara decided to go simple in this recipe and stick to cheese and pepperoni, however, you could probably substitute or add a couple toppings of your own such as peppers or mushrooms. Given the nature of baking the pizza in a slow cooker, you’ll probably want to adjust cooking times depending on how much you top your pizza with.
Cover the pizza and let it cook for about an hour. Condensation will start to form on the inside of the lid as Sara points out, so you’ll likely want to wipe the inside of the lid dry to make sure your pizza isn’t too soft. Then place the lid back on and let it cook for another half hour or so.
Once it’s done, it should look golden brown and delicious. This is where those parchment slings come in handy! Lift out the pizza and place it on your cutting board to slice up!
Top it with some fresh parmesan cheese and enjoy! 
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