We all have negative feelings towards cheaters. Whether it be when people cheat in school or cheat other people, it really stirs you up and makes you feel uneasy.

But the worst kind of cheating is when a spouse cheats. It’s morally wrong because you’re violating the trust and bond that is shared between two lovers. More importantly, there’s the risk of revenge.

What do I mean by revenge? Just take a look at these photos below. When these people discovered they were cheated on, they didn’t just sit back and feel sad. They did something about it, and I’m glad they did. I can’t say I feel bad for the cheaters because they really had it coming.

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1. The printing store must be booming with traffic after this one.


2. Ouch… I can only imagine how the man must feel after seeing this on TV.


3. I’m sensing some double meaning.


4. Oh my, a treasure hunt!


5. I don’t think the kids actually signed this message.



6. Using Clip Art shows how serious you are


7. The guy who printed this sign must have felt weird when he heard the request


8. You’re only slightly bitter?


9. Old Cheater and The Sea should be the title of a book.


10. Don’t cheat on this guy, ever.


11. She was so mad she couldn’t wait to print a professional sign.


12. This is a GREAT sign


13. At first I was confused… but how does this have 7 bids?


14. This guy got away easy.


15. Well this is just great


This just goes to show you that cheaters never end up winning.

If you had a laugh from these photos, then please SHARE them with others.


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