These 17 People Tried To Follow Instructions But Epically Failed. LOL… #5 Killed Me.


If you’re addicted to HGTV, Martha Stewart or Pinterest, then there’s a good chance you have tried your hand at some DIY crafting projects. What people don’t tell you about crafts is this: they are way harder than they seem.

It’s not as simple as sewing something together or making cupcake batter (neither of which are simple to begin with). These projects look easy, but they are actually torture that belong in a circle of Hell.

It’s no wonder these people failed so hard.

(H/T EbaumsworldVia ViralNova)

It’s time to hang up your knitting needles and stop browsing Pinterest, people. It’s okay if you admit defeat, as long as you don’t try to do whatever you were doing ever again.

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