Cats get all the glory on the Internet. Even Grumpy Cat himself makes a little more than waitress, freelancer or intern. (Yes. That cat makes money.) But what about dogs? Why aren’t there any famous Internet dogs?

Here are some reasons why man’s best friends should be making at least as much as (or more than) a cruelly deformed cat. They’re just amazing:

1.) Dogs are there to help when you need it most.

2.) You can use them as clothes if you want.

3.) The do great impressions of your favorite comic strip characters.

4.) Maybe some of their slick style will rub off on you.

5.) They can help you find buried treasure. X marks the spot!

6.) Or some logs to build a raft or some kind of wooden shelter, maybe.

7.) Or something under the bed.

8.) Or…or the end of a rainbow!

9.) Dogs love just sitting and gossiping about the neighbors with you.

10.) You need help finishing up that Coke, bro? Husky’s got your back.

11.) This dog saved Bambi’s life for God’s sake!

12.) Dogs are good at balancing chickens on their head.

13.) They can also balance bigger chickens on their head.

14.) This dog can help you with your yoga stretches.

15.) Dogs will always show you the best hiding places.

16.) Sometimes dogs dress in traditional Japanese garb.

17.) Dogs will be there at your side as you pioneer the lawless west.

18.) This dog might know some people at that biker bar you always wanted to check out but was always too intimidated to go in.

19.) Dogs love to go shopping!

20.) Dogs will help you write a post about how awesome dogs are.

Ma dogs! If you like dogs, share this on Facebook. Dogs may drool, but they aren’t going to let cats rule for long.


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