> 24 Dogs Who Have No Idea How Christmas Got Destroyed…

24 Dogs Who Have No Idea How Christmas Got Destroyed…


Dogs are known for making a big mess and causing a ruckus, but we love them anyway!

To capitalize on our canines’ kooky behavior, many pet parents have taken to dog shaming, or posting photos of their pets wearing signs depicting their bad deeds for all of the world to witness. Some dogs have even gotten to get sweet revenge on their silly parents by shaming THEM.

Pets are known to get a little extra rowdy around Christmas season. During most of the year, they enjoy destroying our furniture and pooping all over the house, but the holidays are a special season for doggie mayhem indeed. There are presents to rip open, Christmas trees to pee on, and decorations to destroy.

These 24 dogs have officially “ruined” Christmas, but they don’t feel sorry about it in the slightest.

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1. “I killed Santa Claus.”


2. “Oh, thank goodness you’re here! The room just exploded on itself. It was really something…”


3. “I ate your Elf on the Shelf!”



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