These 32 Kids Rooms Are So Epic That Your Inner Child Will Cry From Jealously. Unreal.


Growing up, I dreamed of having my very own bunk bed. I wanted to climb up the ladder, pretend to be a pirate and just let the world melt away around me. What I didn’t realize, is that there are children out there who not only have bunk beds… they have the coolestbedrooms in the world.

Some of these custom bedroom designs wouldn’t be costly, it’d just take a lot of time and dedication to make them just right. As for me, I’m going to silently sit here and dream about my perfect pirate bedroom. It doesn’t have to be for my inner child, it could just be for me.

Being a kid would be so awesome nowadays!

Source: Dump A Day

Talented interior design isn’t all about modern home interiors. These kids rooms are works of art themselves, share them with others.