Mothers are the greatest! I have always admired those moms who have many children because I know how much effort it takes to bring up a child. They need constant care and love, as well as finances for all the things they need.

Alexis Brett is a mother of 11. And boy, isn’t that simply incredible? That means she is constantly busy making sure all of her kids are doing perfectly well, but very blessed at the same time.

However, what is interesting about her kids is that 10 of them are boys, and the youngest one is a girl.

In fact, both Alexis and her husband David always knew they wanted a big family, but they never really cared whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. One would assume they were trying for a daughter, which according to them, wasn’t the case.


Speaking to the Mirror, Alexis recalled the moment she was told she was having a daughter. “I’d been expecting to hear we were having another boy. But when I found out it was a girl, my face was a picture,” she said.



The family, which lives in the Scottish Highlands, UK, were over the moon when baby girl Cameron was brought home. She makes a perfect addition to the family. Her parents say she will definitely be treated like a real princess having 10 brothers, aged 2 to 17, who will always be there for her and will have her back her whole life.


“They’ve generally been much better behaved around her,” dad David said, “Trying to keep quiet in case they wake her up. “They also want to help with holding and feeding her – it’s been great.”

This super mom has a lot on her plate but manages everything just perfectly. Her house is never messy and she does 49 laundry loads a week. She also vacuums the place every single day, but says she doesn’t mind that.

Asked if she and David are considering having more kids in the future, she says the answer is a big no, no.

“We’re definitely stopping now,” she says. “There’ll be no more. I said that last time, but this time I absolutely mean it. I love my family as it is now.”

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