High school is one of the most memorable times in life, especially the prom. But for this group of students, their night is a night they will always remember, just not for the reasons you might think.

These four teenagers wear brown pants, white shirts and suspenders. No, they won’t be doing a fashion show but something completely different. Their video quickly spread like wildfire.

At first, they started dancing to the well-known opening notes of Ben E King’s classic song, “Stand By Me”. However, after only a minute of dancing to the song. The music suddenly changed to the iconic “Let’s Twist Again” in the Chubby Checker.

The audience had no idea the show was starting then.

The name of this dance routine is “The New Evolution of Dance”, which should sound familiar to you. The original “Evolution of Dance” was one of the first viral videos on YouTube. Dancer Jason Laipply uploaded a video of his performance in 2001 where he performed dance styles from different eras over the past 50 years of pop culture.

Following his video, many people and groups have been inspired to make parodies and similar videos since then, including the heyday of Napoleon Dynamite. She clearly inspired these kids, as they decided to update this video with their own unique style.

These boys perform dances from the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. It takes a lot of courage to do it on prom night and in front of your classmates. But looking at their smiles, it’s clear they’re enjoying every moment of their performance.

In this video of more than 6 minutes, we can see these children jumping, spinning and turning on stage, while their classmates are swinging with them.

Millions of people have already watched the video and absolutely loved it. A great opportunity, it will remain online for years to come. And maybe those kids will come back with another kid who will be just as good, if not better, than this one.

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