The video starts normally, with the mother resting comfortably in her bed. Over an hour later, she reappears in the bedroom with a baby in her arms. Her youngest child loves hugs but is restless. Melanie can relax enough to sleep for a short time, but throughout the night he constantly changes his position and actively moves.

And then you hear crying. All parents know what this type of crying means and will do anything to comfort their children. Melanie’s little baby may have been having a nightmare and just needs her mom, so the two are shown cuddling while the baby lies next to them.

When the child is relaxed again, he returns to his side of the bed. Melanie must first align the pillow in a secure way so that the child can lie on it. While the commute seems quiet for a while, the baby decides it’s time to wake up his mom by touching her face!

Melanie’s patience is shown throughout the video as she maintains her composure and keeps her calm. You will not be disappointed or upset with this mother. At the end of the video, the kids are having fun and playing while Melanie indulges in a strong cup of coffee. She never stopped smiling throughout the frustration and she sets a perfect example of the patience and love of all mothers.

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