Abused Carriage Horse Overjoyed When Heroes Rescue Him! I Can’t Stop Smiling!


Bobby II is a New York Carriage Horse who spent most of his life pulling tourists around Central Park.

There is a lot of debate around New York Carriage Horses because many people believe the horses are mistreated, and because when the horses are deemed “too old” to work, they are quickly sent off to be killed. When Bobby II arrived at the Equine Advocates sanctuary, he was suffering from neglect, and was actually on his way to being slaughtered when someone from the organization happened to find him.

Luckily, Bobby’s fate is different than a lot of other horses in his position. He now gets to live out his days happily, with other horses just like him, at a place where he will never have to work in negative conditions again.

I’m so thankful that Equine Advocates exist!

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