> She Accepted His Proposal, But Then Came A Surprise That No One Expected. Oh My!

She Accepted His Proposal, But Then Came A Surprise That No One Expected. Oh My!


Joshua Lehrer had spent months planning his proposal, but when the day finally came, his girlfriend Alicia Enstad was stuck at work. Despite the minor hitch, the day turned around — giving the couple a major surprise that not even Lehrer saw coming!

“I was so nervous that everything wasn’t going to go right, because she ended up getting off of work late,” Lehrer told Fox.

Despite starting two hours later than planned, the surprise proposal was finally underway. He had sent a limo to pick up Alicia and her sister, under the guise of a girl’s night out. The pair went to the nail salon, before getting sent a note that they were heading to the Mall of America.

“Pick out the outfit of your choice. P.S. don’t forget to put it on,” the note read.

With anticipation growing, Enstad arrived at the final destination, Rice Park, where she found both her parents and Josh’s holding bouquets of flowers.

“He got down on one knee, proposed and I said yes, of course,” the bride-to-be said. “And this choir surrounded us and started singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow‘ and I was like, ‘Josh did you get us a choir?’ And he was like, ‘I didn’t know anything about it, but let’s just sit and listen.’ “

This was a surprise that not even Joshua expected. The Angelica Cantanti youth choir just so happened to walk onto park grounds after their rehearsal and began singing the song, which holds special meaning for the couple. Talk about perfect timing! Congrats to the happy couple.

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