Animals Are Stranded In Drought With Nothing To Drink, So Man Drives Hours To Bring Them Water Daily


The wild animals at Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park are dealing with a very severe drought that has left them with no water source. If they don’t have water to drink, they will obviously die. But one man is doing something amazing to prevent that from happening.

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua drives a truck – which holds 3,000 gallons of fresh water – to the elephants, buffalo, antelope and zebras that are in need of water. He rents the trucks and delivers 12,000 liters of water at least four trips a week.

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua

Whenever the animals see his truck driving down the dirt road, they come running toward him. He then fills the dry watering holes in the region, and drives for hours every day to bring the water to the areas that need it most.

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua

Mwalua is a pea farmer in his local village but knew he had to do something to help after seeing the way that the climate change has affected the land and animals. Mwalua also runs a conservation project called Tsavo Volunteers, and visits schools in the area to teach them about wildlife.

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua