Princess Diana, then 20, married 32-year-old Prince Charles on July 29, 1981 in what has been called the ‘wedding of the century’.

Diana became Princess of Wales from Lady Diana Spencer, with her wedding ring on her finger, a title that would enable the whole world to appreciate her beloved character, but also see their marriage through years of conflict, forcing them to to separate from each other. an abundance of royal demands.


However, according to PennLive, she was happy to welcome and raise her two children, Prince William and Prince Harry, who were born in 1982 and 1984 respectively. When it comes to her children, a loving mother will be willing to change the rules to make it easier for them.

“My mother strangled Harry and I’m in love, I can always say that about her. I can still feel the love she gave us twenty years later, which is a testament to her immense heart and incredible skills as a mother.” William was quoted by GQ as saying.

Although her relationship with her children was perfect, her marriage to her husband was fraught with difficulties, including an affair.


According to the story, Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their divorce in 1992, but she continued to take on royal duties. The Queen encouraged the couple to divorce in 1996 and they did so two months after reaching an agreement. Princess Diana agreed to relinquish the title of Her Royal Highness and anything else that would enable her to claim the British monarchy in the future. However, the agreement allowed her to retain the “Princess of Wales” title.

It reportedly took years for their divorce to be finalized due to disagreements over money and access, as well as Diana’s position. She wanted to keep the title “Her Royal Highness” because nothing could erase the fact that she was, as always, the mother of the future heir to the kingdom.

She will lose all official contact with her sons if she loses this title. Princess Diana had to adhere to a myriad of royal protocols if she wanted to keep her relationship with her sons intact; Even kneeling before their children would be part of it.


According to the New York Times, Queen Elizabeth II decided that Princess Diana should be permitted to preserve the title, as published by Marie Claire. Prince Charles, on the other hand, was said to be “adamant” about stripping his former wife of the title and the perks that came with it.

Princess Diana was so distressed over losing her title that when her mother suggested that it could be a good idea to start afresh without the weight of a royal title, Diana was silent for months, according to the Express.


Prince William was only 14 years old at the time of the scandal, and he couldn’t take seeing his mother in such a situation. According to Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, he attempted to console her while she was in “distress.”


The butler disclosed the young Prince William’s earnest commitment to his mother at the time. “When she was distraught over HRH’s death, she told me how he sat with her one night and wrapped his arms around her and said, ‘Don’t worry, Mummy.’ When I become King, I will return it to you.’ “In his book, A Royal Duty, Burrell wrote: According to Burrell, the conversation left the Princess in tears.


Princess Diana, however, will never see her son rise to the kingdom because she died in a car accident in 1997, just a year after the divorce was finalized.


Prince William was devastated when he lost his mother at a young age, and it took him years to come to terms with it.


“…I’d gladly talk about my mental health difficulties if I had them. I suppose the closest I came was the trauma I went through when my mother died, the magnitude of the sadness, and I still haven’t dealt with it as effectively as I could have over the years “GQ quoted Prince William as saying.


Prince William remarked, “It took me years to one up about her,” when asked how long it took him to one up about her “I’m in a better position about it than I’ve been in a long time, where I can talk about her more openly, honestly, and remember her better, as well as publicly talk about her. It took me nearly 20 years to reach to that point.”


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