And that’s exactly what I did. The public was shocked by his experiences. They weren’t ready to experience it. It seems they were expecting something completely different from this bold performance. They’ve been so busy worrying about what it looks like that they think it might actually be “good.”

As soon as she took the stage, you could hear people laughing at the sight of her. Little did they know that her looks and her hair color were part of her unique and bold personality.

As soon as she started singing The Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”, the audience fell silent. All the laughter has ceased. They all sat in awe as she took over running the entire room. Looks like she’s been keeping her talent for a long time. She was finally able to share her passion with others.

At the end of her performance, almost everyone rose to give her the standing ovation she had so longed for. This included the people who initially made fun of her. They no longer doubted his motives, instead they were simply amazed.

Julia could tell that the audience had accepted her but she was still worried about the judges’ opinion. I was relieved to know that they felt the same way and I gave up to participate in the next round.

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