> Baby Chimp Is Rescued From Poachers, Won’t Stop Hugging Pilot As He Flies Him To His New Home

Baby Chimp Is Rescued From Poachers, Won’t Stop Hugging Pilot As He Flies Him To His New Home


If you thought baby chimpanzees were cute, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Baby Mussa the chimp is one of the cutest animals you will see today!

Mussa has managed to capture the hearts of thousands online thanks to an adorable video that was uploaded recently to Instagram.

Although the video is nothing short of adorable, the story behind this touching moment is nothing short of harrowing.


The video was recently uploaded by Lwiro Primates, a sanctuary for chimps and monkeys in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The video went viral very quickly. It’s now been shared thousands of times.

Anthony Caere, the pilot in the video was making a very important trip. His job was to transport baby Mussa to the Lwiro Primates sanctuary.

Thankfully, the baby chimpanzee had been rescued from a poacher that was also in illegal possession of protected reptiles. But it’s not all good news.


“Unfortunately his family is dead,” Lwiro wrote in a comment on Facebook about the chimp rescue. “We do not know how many, maybe only the mum, but most likely several members of his family were killed.”

During the flight, the adorable baby chimp seemed to be incredibly curious and wasn’t afraid of getting to know his pilot and new friend.


Mussa curiously wanders around the cockpit, hugs Anthony and even goes to sleep on his lap as he waits for his long journey to end. Their bond is pretty adorable and although Mussa is heading to a sanctuary, it’s still going to take a long time to get used to his new surroundings.

Mussa is now happily living at the Lwiro Primates sanctuary where he can grow, love and play with his fellow chimpanzees.

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