This Is What Batman Would Look Like In 16 Different Time Periods


Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time. To celebrate the comic book hero, several artists reimagined what the caped crusader would look like in different scenarios and time periods. These artists took the Bruce Wayne we all know and love and used their imaginations to place him in different scenarios, rendering him to fit the settings.

Greaser Batman

Medieval Batman

Street Batman

Viking Batman

The Iron Batman

Ottoman Batman

Revolutionary Batman

Zombie Batman

The real Dark Knight, with an emphasis on Knight.

Steampunk Batman

Batman of the Underworld


Nuclear War Batman

Future Batman

Pirate Batman

Renaissance Dark Knight


It certainly would be interesting to see the types of villains Batman would encounter in these alternate realities. I’d read these Batman comics anytime. Each one would be a totally different story from the others.