> This Bird Has The BEST Bodyguard Ever! (Hint: It's NOT This Puppy!)

This Bird Has The BEST Bodyguard Ever! (Hint: It’s NOT This Puppy!)


The most beautiful Great Dane puppy is very interested in the family Cockatiel, but he’s still learning how to play nice with others. Good thing the bird has his wits about him, and can hold his own. But then, at 1:30, just when things start to look a little too aggressive….

…Someone finally steps in to teach puppy a lesson, and to lay off his feathered friend: who else, but the puppy’s dad! This majestic Great Dane has to be the sweetest bodyguard ever! He doesn’t take his son’s side just because they’re related :) Now that’s a dog with some integrity!

The bird is probably thinking, “Yea, puppy – see who I’ve got on my side?! Don’t mess with me!” LOL!

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