In Istanbul, Turkey, a few years back, a heartwarming incident unfolded that showcased the bravery of a road worker. This individual’s actions were captured on the internet, touching the hearts of many.

Amid the aftermath of heavy rainfall and while repairing the damage caused, this road worker rescued a kitten that had nearly drowned. His compassionate act deeply moved numerous animal enthusiasts online, prompting emotional reactions. The video, shared on Twitter, swiftly garnered millions of views, leading internet users to bestow upon the road worker the title of a genuine hero.

Metin Keskin, the road worker in question, emerged as a guardian angel for a stray kitten. Amidst the floods that swept Istanbul, Turkey, the kitten found itself in peril, but Metin sprang into action. Employing CPR, he breathed life back into the cat by resuscitating her through mouth-to-mouth and gentle pressure on her lifeless body.

Witness the poignant scene from Turkey, capturing the miraculous revival of a young kitten that had faced drowning during the floods. Kudos to the road worker for his incredibly touching gesture.

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