> After They Bully His Daughter He Decides To Tell Her How Beautiful She Is

After They Bully His Daughter He Decides To Tell Her How Beautiful She Is


The bullying crisis in America is really reaching a fever pitch. While we all got bullied when were children and we all had to deal with our own confidence issues; the invention of social media and texting has really helped spread the wildfire of constant bullying.

Back when we were kids, at the end of the school day, it was all over — we were free from bullies. We didn’t have to deal with that bully anymore, so we gained our confidence back when we went home and played with our own friends or sat with our loving families. But in today’s constantly connected world, these children are being bombarded with the mean words of bullies every second of their waking lives.

When they’re at school, they get bullied; on the bus, they get bullied; even when they’re about to go to sleep in their beds, a bully can infiltrate their homes through the computer…just to tell these little kids horrible and awful things.

The father in this incredible video had his heart broken when his adorable little daughter told him that she was being bullied at school. This amazing dad, so inspired to tell his daughters how much he loves them, decided that he wanted to write a poem about how amazing they are.

He turned the poem into a hip hop song and decided to cast his whole family in it! Titled “Love Yourself,” Khari Toure is no stranger to the internet. Just recently, he released a song about how beautiful his friend is that went viral overnight.

Please watch his video below and really listen to his inspiring lyrics. And please let his little daughter know just how beautiful she really is in the comments below! This is the age when kids need to have their confidence built up, not broken down by mean bullies on the internet!

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