If you love island living and are looking to move, this is just the place for you that doesn’t include an overwhelming amount of sun exposure. (I just hope you have enough money to buy a castle.) Between the Canada-United States border, there is a beautiful place called Thousand Islands. You might know the name because of the extremely fattening (but delicious) salad dressing, but there is more to Thousand Islands than that. It’s an archipelago consisting of 1,864 islands. … And I want to buy a house there right now.

Each island has an entirely different look and feel, but all of them are beautiful. Dark Island is one of the most notable because of its gothic castle. Deer Island is also well known because it’s own by the Skull and Bones secret society.

No matter which island you favor, there is one thing all of them have in common. Thousand Islands are a hub of nature lovers, with countless Ontario and New York have government-regulated parks along the waterfront.

Via Amusing Planet

So if you love salad dressing, outdoor activities and secret societies, Thousand Islands may be for you.

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