Can You Believe What This Guy Does With His 16 Dogs?!


While most of us normal humans have trouble training one dog, German man Heini Winter makes caring for his crew of 16 canines look like a breeze. Winter is a world class dog musher who keeps his pack of Eurohounds fit in the summer months by biking along side them and taking them for swims in the local watering hole. Winters in the Alps and summers by the lake may sound fabulous to us, but the leader of this pack keeps his dogs trained to be the very best!

In this video, Winter shows us how important dominance and respect is when you own such a large pack of dogs. These dogs know Winter is the leader of their pack and they trust and obey everything he does for them. However, it’s not all hard work for these working dogs. Just look how much fun they are having cooling off in that water. I’m also amazed, because I have trouble with my ONE dog running next to me while I bike! It takes a professional to keep an eye 16 dogs at the same time. Then again, these pooches seem to know that a team only works if everyone is together, so I don’t think they’ll be taking off any time soon.

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