I Can’t Believe What’s Inside This Couch! In 10 Seconds, My Mind Was Blown! I WANT ONE!


Life in the big city can often mean sacrificing space for a fabulous zip code. Furniture that doubles as something else is  godsend for people who live in close quarters, but while having a tiny apartment can be ok for one person, it can often be a pain when you want to have guests stay over.

If you find yourself lacking a guest suite, the transforming sofa bed you are about to see might just be exactly what your home is missing. Known as the Palazzo, this sofa bed transforms into a double-decker sleeping spot for two or more guests. In about 10 seconds it goes from an ergonomic, standard looking couch into a set of twin bunk beds.

Even if you feel like reliving your childhood memories of camp sleepovers or you just want to get cozy with a friend, without things getting weird, this Palazzo double decker is perfect. It even has the ladder for easy access and a safety rail so the upstairs guest doesn’t roll onto the floor.

What do you think of the Palazzo double-decker? I can’t wait to try this out! Please SHARE if this sofa completely blew you away!