I Can’t Decide Whether To Laugh Hysterically Or Give This Girl An Award. You’ve Got To See What She Does.


Art comes in many different forms. Some people use oil paints, others sculpt with clay. This awesome photographer, though, decided to use a medium I’ve never seen before: stuff being thrown at her own face.

Kaija Straumanis is a photographer that originally hails from Latvia. One thing you may notice about her is that 1.) she is incredibly talented and 2.) she has a strange sense of humor you’ll fall in love with. One of the series of photos she posted to her Flickr account is called “head shots.”

It’s quite literal, but absolutely hilarious.

Either she thought of a clever way to wear eye protection, or she ended up with quite a few black eyes. I wonder if she does any “head shot” wedding photography? Follow Kaija on Twitter to see what she’s up to.

Source: Flickr / Kaija Straumanis

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