Céline Dion Delivers Twins—And A Brand New Show—At The Same Time


It’s no secret that before his death, Céline Dion and her husband René Angélil shared an incredible love story. But what many people don’t know is the incredible story behind the miracle pregnancy that led to their twins.

In 2007, Céline Dion was on top of the world, selling out shows around the globe — but inside, she knew something was missing. After Céline’s tour ended, she and her family returned to their Florida home and Celine started IVF treatment; she desperately yearned to have another baby after delivering her first son in 2001. At the same time she was trying to get pregnant, Céline took a major risk by announcing she would return to her residency in Las Vegas in just 13 months. Time was running out to grow her family.

Despite suffering a miscarriage, Céline and Renee kept trying — and their sixth attempt turned out to be the lucky one. Céline gave birth to twins, knowing that in just five months, she would have to be back on stage! Just wait until you see how she managed to deliver twins and a brand new show at the very same time. This is incredible!

The following video is full of adorable, intimate moments, from Céline preparing to deliver her twins to the moment she takes the stage following their arrival, breaking down in tears from all the emotion.

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