Check Out Some Of The Most Bizarre Underwear Fashions Ever.


Sometimes underwear is uncomfortable. We all get the occasional wedgie stuck up our cracks, but that problem is usually pretty easily resolved. Just a simple pick will do the trick. Other times, it seems that some people want to make having comfortable underwear a bit more difficult. (Is that even possible?)

Just have a look at some of these weird trends in underwear.

1.) Glow In The Dark Underwear

2.) Bird Bras

3.) Light Up Underwear

4.) Aluminum Can Underwear

5.) A Lego Bustiere

6.) Fart Absorbing Underwear

7.) Brief Jerky

8.) 3D Underwear

9.) Bacon Bras

10.) Computer Chip Skivvies

11.) Underwear For Two

12.) Aquarium Bras

13.) Denim Diapers

14.) Lettuce Bras

15.) Not…Too…Sure…What…To…Call…This?


Well, I feel much better about my underwear situation now. If you do too, share this post with your friends so they don’t make some irrational underwear mistake.