> Church opens doors to the homeless, gives them a safe place to sleep overnight

Church opens doors to the homeless, gives them a safe place to sleep overnight


Homelessness is a problem around the world that simply can’t be ignored.

Homelessness is a global problem that continues to exist, even in the world’s richest countries.

In some US cities, it is almost spreaded. San Francisco is one example, with over 7,000 people living in the streets.

With this high number, San Francisco is now ranked top ten for homeless population.

Luckily, some kind-hearted people are doing the best they can to remedy the helpless situation.

But when you are desperate, you can choose desperate solutions. Sadly, San Francisco’s high homelessness rate means crime is up to.

With only the wealthy able to afford housing (it’s said that to live comfortably in San Francisco, you need a whopping minimum $123,000 annual income) thousands are being left to roam the streets, unable to adequately house, feed or clothe themselves.

Thankfully, some good samaritans are taking action. The Gubbio Project has one clear mission: to help provide the homeless with locations where they can sleep and eat. These locations house an average 225 homeless people a night, don’t ask anyone to sign in, and provide food and additional care and treatment to the vulnerable.

The Gubbio Project works out of two churches: the Saint Boniface Church and Saint John’s Apostical Church. In both locations, care and kindness is consistently on offer.

The world seems to have forgotten that the issue of homelessness can only be helped when we help the homeless. Kindness is an underrated virtue and the St. Boniface church is a live example of the same. Let us try to make the world a better place, shall we?

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