> Couple Is Evicted By Greedy Grandson Who Tricked Them Into Signing Over Deed

Couple Is Evicted By Greedy Grandson Who Tricked Them Into Signing Over Deed


If you would have asked Helen Kawecki who was behind her home eviction never in a million years would she have suggested her dear grandson. As it turns out, the sicko had been manipulating Helen and her husband, Hank for years.

“I didn’t think that my grandson would do that to me. He would be the last person,” Helen Kawecki said.

It was only when a perceptive neighbor, Doug Emerson, noticed that whenever the couple was away with their grandson, realtors appeared at the home. Emerson asked Helen if her house was for sale, but she told him it absolutely was not.

Emerson did some digging and discovered that the grandson was a con artist. Helen and Hank thought they were signing papers to receive a personal loan from their grandson, but instead they were signing over the deed.

The grandson then took out $470,000 worth of loans against the house. Helen and Hank are devastated and depressed. They are filing a lawsuit against their grandson but still have to pack up and leave their home of 56 years.

But there is good news. The community has banned together and already raised over $119,000 to get the couple into a new home and pay their legal fees on GoFundMe. Sometimes the family you thought you had isn’t as good as the family that will rally around you in your time of need.

As Fox reports, financial fraud is the most common crime committed against older folks and most often, it’s by a family member. Please be sure to read all documents and examine all information before signing anything or giving a friend or family member money.

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