She Demands THIS Free From The Store As Payback Because Her Ancestors Were Slaves. Is This Fair?


Normally when customers have complaints they ask for a manager to work out their issue. Everyone makes mistakes, so complaints are bound to happen. They are supposed to be dealt with in a calm manner, as the customer is always right.

In this video, there was a discrepancy between customer and employees and what came out of their mouths was shocking!

The video is of a woman who wants free water at a local store. She claims that she should be given free water instead of paying the twenty cents it costs, and the employees refuse to budge.

That’s when things start to heat up. The customer then starts screaming at the workers, claiming she deserves free water because her grandmother was a slave!

The workers are astounded by how outraged the customer is, and have nothing to say other than no.

The woman continues talking about random things in order to justify herself getting free water, and the workers get angrier and angrier. Soon, it is a yelling match between the employees behind the desk and the disgruntled customer.

At one point the customer starts claiming she will leave, only to return a few seconds later slinging a new slew of swears at the employees.

At one point she starts telling the employees they don’t belong here explaining things like, “Get out of the black community.”

Other people walk in and out of the store, clearly confused by what is going on at the desk. They just walk away in order to stay out of the chaos all over a free water.

In the end, the customer leaves screaming, with the employees yelling right back at her.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think about this chaotic event all over a twenty-cent water in the comments below.