When She Died, Her Last Wish Was Granted. When You See What It Is, You’ll Be Incredibly Touched.


Recently, the Claiborne Animal Shelter in Tennessee carried out a local woman’s last wish: to create an animal cemetery on the 1.5 acres of land she left when she died. We have places to sit with our loved ones after they pass, so why not do the same thing for our furry friends?

Because Claiborne is also without a dog park, the shelter plans on putting in some benches and a walking path to allow people to reflect and give their pets exercise.

The pet cemetery will serve as a way for the animal shelter to generate money, as they will be selling plots of land for owners to buy for deceased pets.

While it may seem a little creepy to some, I think a place to visit old friends – even if they’re a dog or cat – is a wonderful place to have in your town!

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