She Dipped The Spiked Rubber Toy In Paint And Used It To Make THIS! The Result? How Festive!


With Memorial Day here and the Fourth of July around the corner, now is your time for all thing red, white, and blue.

That’s why Jasey from the blog, Jasey’s Crazy Daisy, figured out how to make the cutest DIY firework t-shirt craft with her kids!

“They were very easy to make,” Jasey wrote on her blog post about the project. “My kids enjoyed that they were able to create them mostly by themselves with a little supervision.”

Although kid friendly, these shirts would look cute on anyone for the holidays, and what they’re made with is so surprising.

To make the shirts, the main supplies were basic, white t-shirts, red, white, and glitter paint, and the most unexpected: a spiky squishy ball from the dollar store!


She started the project by placing a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and squirted her shades of paint onto separate paper plates.

Then came the fun part. Jasey and her kids used the spiky toy as their painting tool, and the effect it creates is perfect!

“Dip your spiked squish ball in the paint and stamp your shirt with it,” Jasey wrote. “You can practice on paper or cardboard a few times to get the feel for it if you want to.”


The paint covered spikes create an effect on the fabric that looks just like fireworks!

After stamping with one color, Jasey grabbed a new ball and started with the second, layering the stamp on top of the first.


“We also tried to let the colors dry mostly before stamping over them to keep them from bleeding into each other,” Jasey wrote.

After creating the design with both the red and blue paint, and leaving time for both layers to dry, Jasey and her kids used the third and final ball to apply the glitter paint on top of the whole thing!


“That’s it,” Jasey wrote. “They were super easy! I love how each kiddo was able to create something unique to fit their individual personality!”