This Could Have Been Disgusting, But An Artist Showed Us A Better Path. I LOVE This.


As you get older, you’ll realize that the very same world you share with millions of others looks different to every single person. Some people may see it as a terrifying place. Others, they may feel like they are surrounded by love and hope.

You can change your perception of what you see and feel. The difference between a good day and a bad day is how you view it. Changing how you see things isn’t easy, but it’s worth every effort.

Take this comic for example. Most people probably saw a nearly pornographic pinup girl sketch. An artist, however, saw an opportunity for creativity and laughter. What he did with it is awesome.


Don’t see the “pinup girl” version of the world.  See the amazing things around you that are hiding in plain sight. Click on the button below to share this with others.