When He Dragged 3 Ikea Bookcases Into His Room, I Had No Idea His Plan. But What He Builds? AWESOME!


Having a nice desk that fits all your needs is something that many people do not have, mainly due to cost reasons.  A desk that is well built with lots of storage space can be very expensive, reaching to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

That’s why Vikkie Williams from the blog Little VWS had her husband craft her an amazing desk that would suit all her needs, and the whole thing cost only $112!

The desk is made out of three IKEA bookshelves, and a little extra supplies from the hardware store.

He started out by arranging the bookshelves in a general shape of that the desk will look like.


He then connected them all together using big wooden pieces.


A small frame was then able to be developed.  Nice and sturdy.


Last but not least, he added the third bookshelf off to the side to allow for the desk to take on an L shape.


Now all that was left to do was to add on the top, and some wooden molding to really bring the whole project together.  Vikkie said that her husband used plywood for the entire project.


He used liquid nails to attach the top, and lots of sandpaper to give it that smooth, genuine touch to it.


If you want to find out more about this amazing project and get more details if you want to make something similar, you can find out more here, and let us know if you like Vikkie’s new desk!