Stephen Hawking is a renowned theoretical physicist and author of several best selling pieces of literature. He is heralded by many as the smartest man alive and has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Here are some people who are somehow more successful than him, according to Celebrity Net Worth:

1. Chris Brown ($24 Million)

6936274664_d51c2cdf72-1(Eva Rinaldi / Flickr)

2. Shia LaBeouf ($25 Million)

GwYf1tV(Tech3090 / imgur)

3. Jenna Jameson ($30 Million)
354018264_d315ada866(Thomas Hawk / Flickr)

4. The Duck Dynasty Guys ($50 Million)

2ypFVn6(QueenofDogs / imgur)

5. Pitbull ($50 Million)

7906652576_ba8a526747(Eva Rinaldi / Flickr)

6. Larry The Cable Guy ($50 Million)

tumblr_mmi408mCXH1qiauuno1_1280(thecomicscomic / tumblr)

7. Johnny Knoxville ($75 Million)

tumblr_lwnuq6ZJIx1qce1uq(summerlove-xox / tumblr)

8. Miley Cyrus ($150 Million)

tumblr_mw3we7Nj271ql53vgo1_500(Bookish / tumblr)

9. Mel Gibson ($800 Million)

2208830960_e90f9dffa0(kjd / Flickr)

10. King Jong-Un ($5 Billion)




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