Ellen Can’t Believe A 5-Year-Old Said THIS About The President…


The internet is filled — no, overflowing — with adorable kids. Some shock us with their surprising voices, others stun audiences with their impressive moves, and some…well, some are just really, really cute.

This particular little girl, featured this week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has totally stolen my heart.

Meet Macey Hensley, a precocious, confident, and wildly intelligent five year-old from Council Grove, KS. What’s so special about Macey? Well, she’s a self-taught expert on our 44 American presidents, right down to their wives, vice presidents, favorite colors, and funny quirks. (Did I mention she’sfive years old?)

Ellen, a seasoned pro when it comes to hilarious kids, totally lost it over adorable Macey — even begging her to come back and see her again sometime.

With her southern twang and her colorful book-smarts, Macey is definitely destined for great things!

Do you think Macey could beat your knowledge of the presidents? She sure stumped me!

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