> Enjoy cottage living at its finest in a gorgeous 2-story houseboat

Enjoy cottage living at its finest in a gorgeous 2-story houseboat

“Life is Better at Lee’s Ford.”
Or so say the masterminds behind the floating cottages you will see in Kentucky-based Lee’s Ford Marina. Located on Lake Cumberland, not too far away from Somerset, the marina is home to compelling houseboat rentals which will just fill you with wonder and joy.
But why tell you this when we can show you? Hop on board, we’re going to cruise around Harbor Cottage Houseboat’s charming five-bedroom rental.
Is it a cottage? Is it a boat? Why, Superman, it’s both!
Tragic jokes aside, this is quite a magnificent little dwelling. Within this houseboat’s 520 square feet (48.31 square meters), you will find two floors’ worth of amusement, relaxation, and comfort.
Enjoy the summery harbor views in style as you settle yourself in your own private deck – there’s a gas grill right by those tables if you want to get a barbecue going.
But the fun doesn’t stop when you enter your humble abode. With an open-plan design that incorporates a living room, dining area and kitchen with bar bench, guests can effortlessly take the party inside after sundown.
Not feeling in the party mood? Then snuggle up in the living room – it has all the homely facilities that anyone needs to feel at ease.
And if you want some low-key dinnertime entertainment, the widescreen TV is not too far away from the sleek wooden dining table.
Stainless steel appliances are the norm in this houseboat’s kitchen.
Here you’ll find a lively arrangement of classic cupboards, modern sink, and wall decor with a witty sense of humor.
This cottage comes with two bathrooms – which you’ll find are a masterpiece of luxury in their own right.
See what we mean? The master bathroom’s stylish faucet and its accompanying wooden-block soap dispenser are practically a match made in heaven.
Make the journey downstairs to find the five bedrooms. The bedding is all about royalty – three of the rooms have queen size beds while the others house king mattresses.
As you would expect in a brilliantly decorated vessel, each room shines through with its uniqueness. The one pictured above cradles us to sleep with soothing vibes that come from a painting with boats drifting along the sunset.
While another wants us to be reinvigorated by mother nature even when we set our compasses toward the seven seas.
Since we’re taking in the natural adornments, let’s spend some time appreciating the riveting shelving space that surrounds this comfy bed too.
As far as we can tell, the marina’s catchy slogan is right on the money. With stunning floating homes like these, it’s hard not to think of Lee’s Ford Marina as the place to sail into whenever you want to live it up on the harborside.