If You Ever See A Small Red Dot On Your Baby’s Toe Like THIS, Call A Doctor Immediately. WARNING…


Raising a child is a time in a person’s life that takes a lot of care, attention, and can be quite a scary time as well.

One mother was in for a scare when little baby Molly started to put up a crying fit.  Her parents had no idea what was wrong with her and started to get very worried until they took off her sock, and discovered the problem.

There are many hidden dangers out there, which is why paying special close attention to your child is a must to make sure they stay healthy and well.

Little Molly had something wrong with her, and her mom found out that she had a problem called hair tourniquet.


Hair tourniquet is when a small piece of hair or thread gets stuck on the toe or finger of a baby, and causes their circulation to be completely cut off, which can cause clotting, or even death.


This problem is actually not all that uncommon according to doctors, and it is important that mothers and fathers know about it so they can know what to look out for.


The sign that Molly gave of hair tourniquet was when she started to overheat, which is a common symptom of this problem.

Molly is okay and healthy now due to her mother’s fast action and thinking, but things could have been much worse.  Be sure to share this article with parents who have little ones so they can know of the dangers of hair tourniquet as well!

If you want to learn more about Molly’s case and her parent’s account of the situation, you can read more here.