Every Summer I See My Neighbor Pour Boiling Water On His Lawn. When I Finally Find Out Why? SO SMART


Ants always seem to be ready to ruin your time outdoors. And if your old ways of dealing with them just isn’t cutting it anymore, we’ve got some new tips and tricks to help with your pesky ant problem.

If you’re finally ready to take a stand against the creepy crawly ants that are always eager to get in your watermelon or other foods, scroll down. We’ve got some of the best new methods to fight these pests available today!

 Next time you’re trying to have lunch on a picnic table, don’t just let the ants win. Bring some old food containers and pie tins and put the legs of the table in it. Fill it with water and you’ll effectively create a moat to prevent ants from climbing to the top.

The secret to keeping ants out of your home is to make sure you don’t leave anything around that they like to eat. Even just the remaining sugar on the lip of a soda can is enough for a soldier ant to report back to its nest. about Just rinse your cans before tossing them in the recycling.

If you’re already infested with ants, make some traps. Mix sugar and Borax to create a legendary ant-slaying potion they can’t resist. You’ll learn the exact portions and ingredients in the video below.

Know where the ant colony is? Put some boiling water on the stove and mix in a healthy amount of cayenne pepper. Once it’s at a boil, pour it over the colony. This is quite effective.

Watch the rest of the video for even more tips and tricks to get rid of ants.

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