This Family Saw A Baby Goat Listed For Free. Nothing Could Prepare Them For When They Showed Up.


As goat breeders, one married couple (and friends of this Redditor) took wonderful care of their quality tested and loving animals. Sadly, two of their goats were stolen from their farm. When they saw a listing on Craigslist for a “free baby boy goat- just come get him,” they went in hopes of finding one of their stolen goats. Instead of finding one of the missing members of their farm family, they found a scene so disgusting it horrified them.

The goat was there, as listed, but the conditions he was found in were despicable.

The woman who was giving away the goat attempted to claim that it wasn’t her dogs that attacked the baby. The couple knew better, though, judging by the fresh wounds and saliva he was covered in when they picked him up. They couldn’t just leave this little fella to suffer and die. Thankfully, they stepped in and took care of him.

People who are so cruel to animals need to be reported and have their abuse put to an end.

Source: Reddit

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