This Is What Famous Movie Scenes Looked Like BEFORE The Effects Were Added. Um… Wow.


Think of the last time you went to the movies. Even if you watched a film about slavery or truck drivers, if it wasn’t a documentary, odds are it was filled with visual effects. Hollywood has perfected the art of CGI to where you won’t even realize what you’re looking at is completely faked.

Thanks to the visual effects studios of Industrial Light & MagicFramestore, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Rhythm & Hues along with visual effects software company Imagineer Systems, we were able to see what movies would look like without their “magic.” I was shocked by the amount of times my eyes were tricked.

Did you know just how much computer generated images you were looking at when you watched those movies? I know to expect some visual effects, but the sheer amount of digital editing in movies is always surprising.

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