Over the years, Max, a 12-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo, has learned to devise the craziest and best stories in order to entertain his owner. If his dad has a question to ask, Max has a sarcastic and hilarious response poised at the ready.

Every time this bird opens his beak to speak, he unleashes a hilarious litany that gets dad laughing. As you’ll see in the video below, the moment max walks into the room, dad has the video camera rolling. And he is also eager to ask the bird a few questions. But Max already has his answers ready. Get ready to laugh at how this bird responds to dad’s silly questions…

Dad begins by asking Max a series of mundane questions. But when he brings up Mr. Max’s friend, the cat, things start getting hilarious.

The bird is naturally the center of attention and seems to have an innate ability to generate clever responses on the spot that keep dad guessing.

In the conversation between the owner and Max the Moluccan Cockatoo, he can’t help but dive into the relationship between the bird and the cat. Dad asks Max if he’s been listening to the cat again.

“I told you not to listen to that kitty,” the owner says.

The bird responds as he walks around the tile floor in an agitated states.

“Well she’s going to get you in trouble,” he owner says.

Max squawks his response and sticks his wings out.

“Well that’s what she’s going to do.”

Max is very agitated and keeps having a conversation with the owner.

“Did Angel [the cat] tell you that story?”

“I know but you shouldn’t listen to kitties, they get birdies in trouble.”

Max walks over to the camera as if he knows full-well that he is the center of attention, the center of the universe in this moment. Then to enhance the dramatic effect, he squats down and bumps his head and beak against the door at the 43-second mark.

The bird reaches into the closet and pulls out the owner’s shoe. Max realizes he has been caught in some trick and doesn’t plan on falling for it without getting something up on his dad. So he grabs the shoe with his beak.

Max walks over even closer to the camera and seems to share an even more intimate conversation with the man.

“Does she tell you stories while I’m at work?” the owner asks. Max starts getting more agitated again and walks back and forth between the camera and the tile floor in the bathroom area.

Check out the whole 2-minutes of footage. It’s hilarious!

Here’s what some viewers had to say:

  • “I think it’s cute! He is a handsome bird”
  • “he is so cute! i love him”
  • “Omg that’s just too cute and funny – what a lovely bird Max is!”
  • “I love how deliberately he pulls put the shoe, like ‘LOOK, THE EVIDENCE. IT’S ALL HERE’”

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