Forget Disneyland, There’s A Playground 700 Feet Below The Surface Of The Earth.


Salina Veche is an old mine in Slănic, Romania that is no longer a place for extracting salt, it’s a place for entertaining visitors. 208 meters below the earth’s surface, you’ll find playground equipment, benches, and satisfied looks on the faces of people who actually have something interesting to say when a co-worker asks them what they did this weekend. It’s really just like any park, except there’s no sunlight or trees and it reeks of salt – oh! – and you have to take an elevator to get there. So, yeah, just like any park.

Check it out!

(H/T Reddit via ViralNova)

What a cool place to spend the day. Perfect for the family who can’t agree on whether to go to the movies or to journey 700 feet underground.

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