The one showed up to the door and then returned the next day with a friend!

It all started when Reddit user “Vechrotex” took a photo of a fox cub at the door of his grandma’s house in Illinois. Fox sightings are pretty common around her house as it sits near a wooded area, but something pretty special was about to happen.


The little one came back to the door the very next day! And this was just the beginning. The cub would return with a sibling and claim grandma’s porch as their own personal playground! 🙂


They now show up every day to play on the patio while the mother fox lurks around the bushes to keep an eye her young ones. She allows them to play for a while before coming forward to help guide them back home.


Vechrotex and Grandma look forward to the fox family’s daily visits and take as many pictures as they can. It’s like something straight out of a children’s book or Disney movie! 🙂


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