Grieving Dad Helps Deceased 13-Year-Old Daughter Fulfill Her Dream


Anna van Keule was an aspiring musician whose dream was to one day perform in front of millions of people. Sadly, the 13-year-old girl passed away from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident while on her way to school.

In order to fulfill her last wish, her grieving father Niek van Keulen posted a video of Anna playing “Did I Make the Most of Loving You,” the theme from Downton Abbey. He hoped the video would be viewed by millions of people across the world. To date, the video has been watched over 1.4 million times!

Her father posted with video with the caption: “My daughter Anna wanted to be famous. Now she suddenly died. Help her become famous by looking.” He noted that the home video of her playing the piano was filmed in late August at their Netherlands home. It was just before her thirteenth birthday.

Grab the tissues and let’s help this grieving father fulfill his daughter’s wish by watching the video below. Then, please SHARE it with everyone you know.