This is why you always knock first.

Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that is home to some pretty massive tortoises. Explorer Paul Rose got to see one up close when he visited the tiny republic, but not for the reason that he expected. He accidentally stumbled upon two tortoises who were mating, and when the male realized that his time alone with his lady friend was being interrupted, he wasn’t too pleased. What ensued is the slowest and most hilarious chase I’ve ever seen!

I know that most people could easily outrun this massive reptile if they wanted to, but even so, I’m not sure I’d want to be staring down the shell of an angry animal this size! These creatures can grow big enough for other large animals to ride, but I can’t imagine that this guy would allow anything to sit on him while he was in this state of rage. What’s even crazier about this guy’s huge size is that, at one point, he was as small as this baby tortoise who’s overwhelmed by the idea of eating an entire bean sprout! Thank goodness they can’t move very fast, or Paul would have been history.

Don’t worry — after Paul somehow managed to escape the speedy tortoise’s wrath, the reptile appears to have returned to his girlfriend to finish what he started. Hopefully there will soon be lots of brand new baby tortoises roaming Seychelles!

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