He Was Heartbroken When His Owner Died, Now He Finally Dances Again!


DuCorps Cockatoo King O (originally named Ophelia before it was found out that “she” was actually a “he”), had a wonderful life with his first owner, but when that owner passed away, he became distraught. King O started pulling out his feathers, and even living with a loving relative, couldn’t seem to get better.

Eventually, he was dropped off at the Best Friends Parrot Garden, a rehabilitation shelter for birds of all kinds in Utah. Since coming to the Parrot Garden, King O’s mood has improved, but his feather pulling has continued as a bad habit, making it difficult to find him a forever home. He may look strange, but as this video shows, he is still one adorable bird!

Please help us find a home for King O – the Best Friends shelter says he loves cuddling and children! Want to adopt him yourself? Click here!

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