> To Help Combat A Local Issue, These Friends Came Up With A Hilarious Idea.

To Help Combat A Local Issue, These Friends Came Up With A Hilarious Idea.


The conditions of the roads in Kaunas, Lithuania, were so poor, a group of friends decided to do something about it. Their solution, though, was a little different. The photographers, who called themselves Z999, took a series of photos to highlight the potholes.

Those photos were hilarious.

They depicted the potholes being so large, a man might fancy a swim in them, posting up for an Olympic dive and everything. Or hey if you don’t want to swim in the water, you can always use it to baptize your child.

LOL. Also, please don’t brush your teeth with puddle water though.


Unrelated, but do girls always wear kimonos when they paint nails?

The gates to Wonderland.

Even if you don’t think pot holes are dangerous, bachelorette parties in the middle of the road could prove to be fatal.


Good form.

I think he got something!

I’m actually ok with this pot hole solution.

This is just how people in Philadelphia hang out all the time though.

I one dog that has become a supporter of the road refurbishment.

A romantic evening



And lo he was baptized in the river Delancy Street.

Wait, isn’t that concrete? Didn’t they just fix the problem right there?

I’d still eat ’em.

Flower pot holes.

Spelunking at night.

This is an Olympic sized pot-hole.

That’s a sick basket.

This picture really saddens me for some reason.

Old school.

Maybe if Pamela didn’t run so slow this person wouldn’t be mostly drowned.

Does nobody where closed-toed shoes in Lithuania?

These roads are berry bad.


Now, that’s ONE way to get the attention of your local government.