> Helpless Kitten Found Terribly Stuck... What Happened Next Is AMAZING!

Helpless Kitten Found Terribly Stuck… What Happened Next Is AMAZING!


The Humane Society of Central Oregon was called to the scene when an adorably beautiful 7-week-old kitten was found in the most heartbreaking situation. As you can see, Lennox got her head stuck in a small hole underneath an air conditioning unit, and was helpless and scared. The team had to tranquilize Lennox in order to rescue her to safety, but when they finally did, this little girl blossomed into the most wonderful cat!

After 3 months of foster home care for socialization and medical treatment, Lennox was adopted by a loving couple who saw her and fell in love with her on a Seattle news program. The second I saw the shot of Lennox and her new canine friend, my heart melted and I immediately felt so grateful for those who came to her aid.

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