When one social media user shared photos of a teeny tiny teacup pup wearing a pink jumper and black tie, viewers all over the internet dropped everything to express their love for the animal.

Because it really is perhaps the cutest little pup ever captured on camera, it has naturally captured the attention and stolen the heart of viewers everywhere.

Whoever photographed the white puppy shows the miniature canine wearing an adorable little frock that makes it the perfect pet for a princess.

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The buzz around this dog’s viral photo shoot has attracted the attention of major news outlets like Daily Mail and more.

Because the dog has a pink “warmie” that is embroidered in gold and a sparkly black bow tie, this dog has been correctly labeled “cute.”

Although the animal has gone viral online, no one has been able to confirm where it currently lives or what kind of breed it is. But since the pup has garnered so much buzz over the last few days, many people have been eager to share their guesses.

Some people claim the teacup pup is a yorkie because of its pointed ear shape. Others say that because of the dog’s snow white fur, it is probably mixed with a Maltese.

Fighting for the top spot of cutest dog on the internet is no easy feat. Just a quick Google search or YouTube session will let you know just how competitive it is to be considered the most adorable dog in the world.

This cute teacup pup with the pink jumper and black bow tie isn’t the only animal that the world is obsessed with. A cute puppy that looks like a cotton ball has also gotten a lot of attention.

When it comes to popular dogs, you can’t forget about Benzi Boo. This micro Maltese has followers on Instagram and was recently promoted to viral status when its owner shared a photo of the dog wearing a pair of glasses and a checkered tie.

Another photo of a teacup Yorkshire puppy was literally photographed inside of a teacup. It is absolutely adorable to consider an animal being that small.

Here’s what people said about the brand-new viral photos of the teacup pup in the comments on Daily Mail:

  • “Aww…” that about sums it up.
  • “Sweet” MissRosey wrote.
  • “OK…..i have to admit it was pretty darn cute…”
  • “I wonder how many men would be seen walking that dog lol”

Some believed it’s a hoax claiming the photos are of a stuffed toy.

  • “It looks real to me? Ive had a tiny white cross puppy before and it looked like this. Hopefully it is a cross. Mine lived 18+ years with no health problems until 16 and was the most loyal and affectionate dog ever. Naysayers be damned. We should all have little bundles of love like this in our lives….”


What’s your reaction to this puppy?

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