Here’s The Trick She Claims Can Be Used To Potty Train Any Kid In Just 3 Days…


As soon as your child is born, you need to have a large supply of diapers on hand at all time. This makes going out in public a nuisance since you have to carry a diaper bag and all the supplies for when the inevitable occurs.

That day you finally potty train your toddler is such a big deal, I feel like more parents should celebrate. While every parent admits that there are accidents, you’re not alone if your little one isn’t adjusting as well as you’d hoped.

But why does potty training have to be so difficult? After years of doing it, you’d think humans would have figured out the best way to get a kid to use the toilet. Well according to Lora Jensen, there might be a better way and it only takes three days…

In her new book “3 Day Potty Training,” Jensen outlines her sure-fire method of getting your kid on the toilet with fewer accidents.

But be prepared. Three days of potty training are very intensive. Here’s what the author says:

“The parent(s) needs to know that it will take work and you have to dedicate a full three days to the child. This means giving up ‘me’ time. You won’t be cooking, cleaning or visiting with friends—or ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ You will seriously be spending all waking hours with your child for three days […] Have your shopping done and meals prepared ahead of time. Do the laundry and clean the house prior to starting. Be ready to play games, color, watch cartoons and just enjoy some bonding time with your child.” says Lora Jensen, author of “3 Day Potty Training.”

While it might sound overwhelming, considering that the alternative is weeks of cleaning up messes, potty training in three days sounds like heaven.

One the first day, remove their soggy diaper and have your child throw it away themselves and say “bye-bye” to it forever.

For three days, make your child wear nothing but oversize t-shirts so there is no “safety net” for their poo or pee.

On their first day, give them an extra drink at breakfast then make them go to the restroom. This should make them successful and feel good because of the extra liquid.

Since you’ll be by your child’s side for three days, be prepared to play a lot.

Make sure they’re drinking lots of water so you can take them to the bathroom every 15 minutes all day long.

After dinner, no more snacks or liquids. This prevents accidents at night. Make them potty before bed.

Then in the middle of the night, set an alarm to have your child go to the bathroom so they don’t wet their bed.

Repeat this for two days and make sure your child has a lot of successes so they “feel like they can do it.”

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