Not all encounters with wild animals can be like a fairy tale. We’d like to believe that all we have to do is wave our hands and the animals will decide to be friendly with us. That’s often the reason that many people are attacked by wild animals, so it pays to know how to act around them when one crosses your path.

For one Siberian oil worker, his path was crossed by an extremely large bear who was very hungry. He stuck his head into the workman’s cabin, hoping to find something tasty inside. The bear definitely got more than what he bargained for when the man started doling out cookies to the hungry creature. It takes each one by one, chowing down on it with the worst of table manners before waiting for a new one. Take a look at this video!

This man is definitely brave for deciding to feed such a large creature that’s been known to injure people severely. Who knows, he might have just made a new friend. Share away, people!



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